estate planning

Estate Planning & Asset Protection

The topic of estate planning is an uncomfortable one for most people as anything that has to do with their death or the death of their loved ones. For that reason too many people avoid this subject and fail to implement any estate plan until it is too late. The proper estate planning should not be avoided by anyone because doing so results often in costly albeit unnecessary problems. The main goal of estate planning is to assure that your estate will be distributed after your death according to your wishes and that it will be done without probate.  Any estate planning should be done in conjunction with considering asset protection planning to shield your hard earned possessions from potential claims to the greatest extent practically possible.

At Loza Law we utilize a number of estate planning and asset protection strategies and tools, including:

  • Living trusts and land trusts
  • Joint tenancies and transfer on death instruments (TODIs)
  • Corporations, limited liability companies and partnerships
  • Gifts, life insurance policies and qualified retirement accounts
  • Powers of attorney

Estate planning does not have to be overly complex or expensive to be effective for most individuals and families. The same applies to asset protection. Please contact our office at (847) 297-9977 or email us at [email protected] for a strictly confidential consultation regarding your estate planning and asset protection needs.

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