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Residential Sale Closings

Experience + Efficiency = Value

We offer full service legal representation in residential sale closings, including review of the contract, drafting and responding to attorney review letters as needed, obtaining title commitment and clearing title issues, and drafting and obtaining all necessary documents for the closing. ranging experience in financing, construction, title review and clearance.

We will do everything on our part to make sure that the transaction progresses as smoothly and expeditiously as possible. To that end we order title commitment as soon as practically possible after we are retained to represent our clients and we order other documents, such as mortgage payoff statement, plat of survey, paid assessment letter, etc., early to avoid any closing delays.

We will draft the closing documents to allow you to sign them before the closing, including a power of attorney, so that you do not have to attend the closing in person. The documents can be signed by you at a time convenient for you at our offices or at another location if your situation so requires, which will take only a fraction of time that attending the actual closing would take. Our goal is to make the transaction as seamless and easy for you as possible, and we usually succeed in it even with our out of state and international clients. The sale proceeds can be issued to you in form of a check or wire transferred directly to your account.

Please contact our office at (847) 297-9977 or email us at [email protected].

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